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          R & D Center

          In 2002

          In 2002, Damin established a R&D center on the basis of the original R&D department, specializing in the research and development of high-tech products.

          In 2003

          In 2003, it was approved to be a postdoctoral research station.

          In 2006

          In 2006, it was recognized by two intensive enterprises.

          In 2006

          In 2006, Damin R&D Center was approved as "Post-doctoral Research Workstation"

          In 2007

          In 2007, it was recognized as a state-level high-tech enterprise.

          In 2008

          In 2008, it was recognized as "Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center"

          In 2010

          In 2010, Fujian Tea and Beverage Products Processing Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center was approved.

          In 2012

          In 2012, Haixi Industrial Talents Highland was awarded.

          In 2014

          In 2014, Fujian Key Laboratory of Beverage Plant Extraction Technology Enterprises was approved.

          In 2017

          In 2017, he was awarded "Laboratory Accreditation Certificate" by China National Accreditation Committee for Qualification Assessment.

          In 2017

          In 2017, it was approved and funded by Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department and introduced the Haixi Tea Deep Processing Institute, a major research and development institution.

          In 2018

          In 2018, it was re-recognized by the state-level "high-tech enterprises".

          Damin International established Damin International R&D Center in 2002. After years of efforts and development, Damin International has successively obtained "National High-tech Enterprises", "Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization in Fujian Province", "Fujian Enterprise Technology Center", "Key Laboratory of Tea and Beverage Plant Extraction Technology Enterprises in Fujian Province"," "Fujian Innovative Enterprises" and other qualifications. Damin has also passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, USDA ORGANIC, FSSC22000, HALAL, OHSAS 1801, BRC and other certifications, and was approved as a postdoctoral research workstation by the Ministry of Personnel in 2006.

          Damin International R&D Center has more than 80 R&D personnel with doctoral, master and bachelor's degrees. It participates in formulating and presiding over more than 20 national and industrial standards, has more than 30 patents and has won more than 10 awards for scientific and technological progress. Annual investment in scientific research accounts for more than 3% of sales.

          Damin International R&D Center has a variety of advanced testing instruments and R&D equipment for deep processing of agricultural products, such as ultra-high efficiency liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, automatic chromatography system, ceramic membrane concentrate filtration equipment, continuous countercurrent extraction equipment, ultra-high temperature sterilizer, various centrifugal separators. Dryer and so on.

          Damin has long cooperated with well-known domestic research institutes such as Hangzhou Tea Research Institute, China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative, as well as famous universities such as Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Anhui Agricultural University, to study the basic theory of memory and develop new technology of plant extraction. Independently developed integrated technologies such as microbial fermentation, membrane separation, plant extraction technology, continuous reverse extraction, separation and purification of active substances and identification were applied in production practice, which greatly improved product quality, made the flavor of the extract cleaner, and better retained the nutritional components and sensory characteristics of the product. It satisfies the customized needs of customers.

          Doctors, Masters and other R&D personnel



          Participate in formulating, presiding over and undertaking national and industry standards



          R&D Patents



          Technology Progress Award




          Advanced Research Platform

          Damin R&D Center has been awarded the honorary title of "Haixi Talent Highland" by Fujian Provincial Government. The R&D Center has equipped advanced small-scale and pilot-scale equipment for the development and application of different series of products, and set up a pilot workshop.

          Fujian Science and Technology Innovation Platform-Fujian Tea Deep Processing Industry Technology Public Service Platform

          Study on the Production Technology of Extraction and Separation of Aroma Components from Natural Plants, a Regional Major Project in Fujian Province

          Haixi Tea Deep Processing Institute, a major research and development institution introduced by Fujian Province

          Research and Demonstration on Key Technologies of Tea Industry Upgrading, a Subproject of National Science and Technology Plan in Rural Areas during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan

          Research and Demonstration on Separation and Preparation Technology of High Catechin Tea Powder, a Key Project of Fujian Spark Program

          Research and Development of Industrial Equipment for Producing Concentrated Tea by Combining PEF with Freeze Concentration Technology

          Advanced Research Platform

          Professional R&D team customizes products with different flavor needs for customers, meets different product needs, and provides comprehensive services for customers.


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