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          Exhibition review | 2021 FBIF , Damin explore new incremental and innovation growth! Open a new chapter of healthy and innovative food!
          date : 2021-07-05 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

          2021 FBIF hold in Hangzhou International Expo Center from June 30th to July 2nd, 2021. Damin was invited to participate in 2021Food Show. With the self-developed products that fit the theme of "Exploring New Increment", Damin focused on the industry innovation trend, discussed the future consumption demand and innovated growth together with the present partners

          How did Damin start a new chapter of healthy and innovative food?

          【Retailization of Catering】

          Highlight 1: Cold bubble technology

          Different from the traditional hot tea that people are familiar with, the novel cold extract tea can be made of normal temperature water. Through special process, cold extract tea can not only make soup in 5 seconds, but also taste fresh and sweet. Compared with hot brew, cold extract tea tastes cooler and quenches thirst, and has weaker nerve stimulation effect. Recreate a really good cup of cold brew tea.

          Highlight 2: "A piece of juice in my pocket

          A “piece” of fruit tea, using freeze-dried technology nutrition lock fresh, always enjoy a cup full of fruit VC tea.

          【The new generation of meal】

          Highlight 1: Innovative salty protein cubes

          Non-greasy protein supplement bar, the new technology upgrade formula, can be sweet or salty. It can be full stomach and supplement nutrition at the same time, and also meet the different needs of picky taste buds.

          Highlight 2: Third Generation Meals

          The third generation of meals should not only nourish the stomach, but also taste delicious and real. Using Chinese health preservation ingredients, 0 essence, 0 pigment, 0 preservative, 0 sucrose added; Low calorie, light fat, accurate heat control

          【 "Play" fun life 】

          Highlight 1: Fun beverages “stick”

          Stir the "stick", life is not boring, a  "stick" to enjoy new sensory experience, let life have new ceremony.

          Highlight 2: Coffee liquid that can be stored at room temperature

          Damin has set a new milestone for coffee. With the new situation of coffee brought by technological innovation, Damin can provide various concentrated coffee liquid, which can be stored at room temperature, portable, and can enjoy the "coffee" time at any time.


          [A "bag" light maintenance]

          360° Chinese health preservation style

          According to the pain points of Chinese People's Daily life, Damin develops Chinese health carry-on bags: “Staying up late”bags, “Menstrual care”bags, “Good sleep” bags, “Good voice” bag, light and portable, so that healthy carrying "bags" can be stay by people anywhere.

          【Healthy Food Research Bar】

          In addition to the above four theme product displays, Damin has also set up a "Healthy Food Research Bar" to tast product and discuss with the audience. Among them, Pylopass coffee, low fat milk tea, Sargasso jelly, Yiman coffee and so on, are still attracting the continuous attention of the audience.

          Future, Damin will combine the four consumption of food and beverage industry emerged new trend, including new sensory experience (such as freeze-dried protein block, etc.), health new balance (such as low-calor、low-fat milk tea, etc.), China culture confidence (e.g., Chinese health preservation bags, etc.), convenient new ceremony (such as food meal porridge, etc.), healthier life diet plan for consumers, Explore new increments and innovate growth together with all brand partners.


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