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          Review | Damin attented exhibition of HNC 2021, debut marine ecological application productsits
          date : 2021-06-27 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

          The 12th International Health Products Exhibition China / Natural and Nutritional Products Exhibition Asian 2021 (2021HNC) came to a successful conclusion on June 25, 2021.

          This time, Damin is presented with a simple, high-tech and refreshing design style. With the theme of " Probiotics care, Marine ecology, Female care and Life care", it will use the power of nature and scientific research to provide customers with one-stop solutions of healthy products in the drinking market and open a new chapter of healthy life for consumers.

          【Probiotics care】

          About 50% of the world's population is infected with Helicobacter pylori. (Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, US)

          20% of people infected with H. pylori do not seek medical help until they develop serious systemic disease.

          20% of infected people suffer from loss of appetite, bad breath and severe stomach pain. (Source: Novozymes OneHealth Proprietary Insight)

          In order to protect the quality of life of consumers, Damin has developed white peach oolong milk tea and white beans latte with Pylopass, so that consumers can enjoy a healthy life without "Helicobacter pylori" at any time.

          Marine ecology

          Damin is cooperating with the Third Institute of Oceanography, a professional national research institution, in the exploitation of Marine resources, and will jointly promote the high-value research and product application of Marine living resources.

          In this exhibition, the Marine ecological application products that appeared for the first time: Sargassum grape jelly, Green plums Sargassum drinks were recognized and concerned by visitors, which provided a new idea for the development of natural healthy functional food.

          Female care

          Women in the new era will no longer passively wait for aging and sub-health to come, but choose to build a healthy body with more life-oriented and healthier life, food and nourishing, and show their confidence and charm.

          Damin developed sodium hyaluronate bird's nest collagen drink, GABA aminobutyric berry fruit solid drink, to protect the delicate appearance of women; At the same time, Damin also developed Longyuan Ejiao herbal beverage, caring for women's menstrual health, so that made her the beauty from the inside out.

          Life care

          Post-epidemic era, punk health has become a new era of life style. In the White Paper on the Health Management of China's Adults 2020, 33% of respondents said they hoped to improve mental stress, topping the list of health demands. Therefore, aiming at the daily health needs, Damin has developed a series of light maintenance and life, providing consumers with health drinks within reach.


          Night Elf : Ginseng yellow essence herbal drink;

          Hi explosion smoke throat: Luohan fruit Platycodon grandiflorum instant powder;

          High pressure sleepless workaholic: Jujube seed rose drink;

          Hi Health - New Edge Brand

          The organizer of this exhibition organized a special appreciation dinner "HI Health - Night Shanghai Midsummer Night", and awarded honorary MEDALS to the leading brands in the industry. With innovative scientific research formula and full dosage form application scheme, Damin won the New Edge Brand Award. In the future, Damin will output more healthy life-oriented solutions for the industry and provide customers with one-stop health finished products solutions for the  market.


          ——Scene photo——


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